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My son was diagnosed with a lazy eye. Does he need to wear his patch all the time?

Amblyopia, known as lazy eye, occurs when one eye is weaker than the other. While the amblyopic eye will always be a bit weaker than the other, with treatment, vision can be improved somewhat. Treatment involves encouraging the weak eye to develop using eye patches, vision therapy, glasses, and usually a combination of the three. The process is very specific to the individual and requires ongoing oversight by your optometrist. Learn more about lazy eye.

I'm on the computer most of the day for work. I can see perfectly in the morning but by late afternoon my vision gets blurry. Whats going on?

Simply, as your eyes age, the muscles tire more easily. As people reach their mid to late 40s, the ability to focus on objects close up (like the computer screen) can be compromised. Ensuring proper lighting and taking breaks can help; try to step away from the screen for a few minutes of every hour. Specialized computer lenses can help reduce eyestrain and fatigue. Lens Doctors has several lens options available to reduce computer vision fatigue. Learn more here.

I purchased new eyeglasses/contacts just a few months ago and now I'm struggling to read email on my phone. Was my prescription incorrect, or did my prescription change already?

Not necessarily, but the way youre using your eyes may have changed. Corrective lenses for up-close are calibrated based on the distance from the items you need to see. If youre farsighted and need corrective lenses for close-up work, your discussion with your eye care professional should include the types of mobile devices you use and how you use them. While a computer desktop is typically 18-24 inches from your eyes, a phone is more frequently 12-15 inches, and the font size is miniscule in comparison with a computer screen. We also look at our phones in poor lighting conditions, which can impact the acuity of your vision. Especially for those over 40, the eye muscles take a moment when transitioning from distance to near objects, so its important to allow your eyes ample time to adjust when sneaking that peek at your phone while in a meeting or at a movie.

My son is an elite level athlete, and some of his teammates have special lenses they wear for play. Are these simply protective, or is there more to them?

Specialized sports lenses serve two purposes: protection and precision. Protection is important at all levels of play, but as athletes become more skilled, theres typically increased speed and activity, which amplifies the incidence of eye injuries. Protective eyewear is fitted to the user and features a padded bridge across the nose and deep-grooved eyewires to prevent the lens from falling out on impact. Protective eyewear is available either with prescription or non-prescription lenses.

Specialized impact resistant lenses are not only protective, but also optimize your vision. A variety of lens colors are available; the appropriate choice is based on the type of sport and the environment (for example, skiing in the glare of snow or water requires a different color lens than needed by a golfer to distinguish the greens and brown contours of a course). Because they improve acuity, impact resistant lenses can enhance athletic performance, even if corrective lenses are not needed. Some sports lenses are designed to cut through fog, reduce glare and maximize peripheral vision. Learn more here.

I'm thinking of buying my new prescription eyeglasses online.

What should I watch out for? While ordering eyeglasses from your sofa is certainly a convenience, minor inaccuracies can make a big difference in your quality of vision. Like the fit of a pair of shoes, prescription eyeglasses are not one-size-fits-all. To get the best possible vision, its important not only to select a frame that sits correctly on your face, but also to be certain that the key measurements, such as ocular height and pupillary distance are correct. If they arent, you may experience a pulling sensation in your eyes, or feel the need to tip your chin up or down to see clearly. An in-person consultation with a qualified optician is about more than helping you select a frame that fits your style; its also to ensure that the frame sits perfectly on the bridge of your nose as well as behind your ears and that the prescription is properly positioned within the lens. Contact us to book an eye exam.

My vision was perfect until I turned 50. Now I struggle with taking my reading glasses on and off all day long, but I really don't want to wear glasses all day.

One predictable sign of aging is nearsightedness or presbyopia. While initially we may just need a bit more light or reading glasses, typically over time there is a greater need for corrective lenses to see close-up objects like menus, mobile phones and pill bottles. As the need for stronger correction grows, the ability to skirt the middle --see faraway objects reasonably well while wearing reading glasses -- is diminished.

In addition, with a stronger prescription, it becomes increasingly difficult for the eye muscles to adapt quickly when switching from near to far focal points, causing fatigue and discomfort.

Progressive eyeglasses address these challenges through lenses with a gradual change in the prescription from top to bottom and center to outer rim. However, wearing eyeglasses all the time, even if they provide greater comfort, isnt for everyone. New contact lens technologies, including multifocal contacts and monovision correction, offer the benefits of bifocal lenses without the need to wear eyeglasses. Contact us to discuss the options that may work for you.

My pediatrician said I should book an eye exam for my baby. She can't even sit up yet! Shouldn't I wait till she's in school?

The best time for an initial eye exam by an optometrist is at about six months. At this exam, the doctor will be able to identify issues related to near or farsightedness, astigmatism and eye movement ability, as well as eye health problems. If diagnosed and treated early, these issues can be addressed more easily.

Unless there are issues, after the initial exam, your childs next examination should be around age three, and then again before he or she enters kindergarten.

I've never had eye problems before, but recently my eyes have started to become very dry. Should I be concerned?

You may have dry eye syndrome, which affects almost 10 million Americans. Caused by a lack of tears, dry eye syndrome can results in general eye discomfort, itching, irritation, burning, excessive tearing, redness and blurred vision.

While certain weather conditions can contribute to dry eye syndrome, sudden onset of dry eyes is more likely caused by an environmental factor such as spending time in an air conditioned space or where there is cigarette smoke. Contact lens wearers, people with drier skin, and older adults are more likely to develop dry eye syndrome. Certain diseases and health conditions can also cause dry eyes.

There are eye drops that can help relieve symptoms of dry eye syndrome. Contact us.

Do you offer gift cards?

Yes, gift cards are available for purchase in any denomination from $5 to $500. Please stop by any of our offices or call to purchase.

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